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How to Combine Two Cultures on Your Wedding Day

We’ve steadily grown in reputation as one of the most inclusive wedding venues in Colchester. In our latest blog, we offer advice on how to combine two cultures on your wedding day.

Importance & Explanation

Weddings are known for being comprised of a range of small moments, though it is important to remember that each culture places varying importance and respect on different traditions. Due to this, before you begin planning the wedding it is important that you both sit down and discuss what means most to you both for the ceremony. Once this is agreed, you can plan the rest of the day.

Many traditions are easy to integrate into your big day, but we advise that you should always offer a brief explanation before the moment to familiarise guests who might not be aware of the tradition. Not only does this offer clarity, it also allows guests to learn, respect and integrate themselves into the important customs on the day. Examples of which are the Jewish tradition of breaking the glass and unity candles for Catholics. If the happy couple have different faiths or cultures, it is worth exploring if two officiants can be present; this solution is great for fully recognising the traditions and values each family share and will keep devout guests happy.

Hues to Honour Heritage

Honouring heritage can be done in a complementary way, though it doesn’t always have to be overt. Why not consider bringing your heritages together via colour? You can work important hues and shades into your celebration so that everyone feels acknowledged and involved.

For example, colours are very important in traditional Asian ceremonies; you will find lots of red in Chinese and Korean weddings as the shade is considered good luck. Similarly, Indian weddings are also traditionally vibrant, so bright primary colours can be worked into wedding outfits, the colour scheme, seat sashes, even the cake – the options are endless. African weddings place a lot of emphasis on patterns – these can be used in the dress or table settings.

Large Menus & Fusion Cuisine

A big worry for couples is how to cater for varying palates. The perfect place to do this, if you only choose one for blending heritage and cultures, is the reception. A large, varied menu will keep everyone happy and showcase the best parts of your families.

This approach can work well for buffets and hors d’oeuvres – lunch and dinner might pose more of a challenge, but our kitchen staff have experience in offering diverse menus. Another alternative is fusion cuisine, where a chef takes different elements from various cultures and makes the ingredients work together for a unique dining experience.

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