Father's Day
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5 Father’s Day Traditions From Around The World

This Father’s Day, Essex will be celebrating alongside the rest of the country – it’s all about letting Dad know how much he truly means to us.

Read on to learn some more about how this great day is celebrated overseas.



Russia celebrates Father’s Day on the 23rd February each year – that’s a lot earlier than when we celebrate in the UK! The origins of this day evolved from a military commemoration – think of it like an unofficial tribute to all men. Known as Defender of the Fatherland Day, Russians get to see parades that honour the Russian Armed Forces and the men, regardless of whether they are dads or not, receive gifts from the women that they know.



Sometimes known as Vatertag, Germany celebrates Father’s Day on the sixth Sunday after Easter. Men and dads gather outside to enjoy the weather with a few drinks. The tradition is part of Man’s Day (Männertag) and will see groups of men get together to go on a hike and of course, enjoy a few beers! As long as they are able to enjoy the great outdoors, German men will be happy on this day.



Held in the same month as our Father’s Day, Japan’s Chichi No Hi (Father’s Day in Japanese) is a time where children can honour their fathers by presenting them with homemade gifts. This takes place on the third Sunday of June and the Father’s Day presents range from origami and beer glasses to food and sweets. It is customary to also host a meal for Dad that contains lots of seafood.



Held on the third Sunday of June just like in Japan, Mexico’s Dia del Padre celebration sees as many dads as possible take part in a city-wide 21km race. Taking place in Mexico City, this Carrera Dia del Padre 21k Bosque de Tlalpan is always popular, and many dads celebrate afterwards with great food and a few drinks.



Known locally as Dia dos Pais, Father’s Day in Brazil is held on the second Sunday in August and the focus is all on the food – especially the meat! From BBQs to churrascos, the whole family gets together to indulge in some tasty treats. Dad gets first pick, of course! It is also tradition for some families to eat out at a steakhouse, that they call a churrascaria. There are many Brazilian establishments of this nature now set up in the UK.


Now that you know a bit more about Father’s Day in other countries, have you thought about how to celebrate with your dad? There’s still time to join us for our superb Father’s Day lunch, or if Dad wants to work on his swing, we have a fun Putt, Pint and Panini package that he can enjoy with you or his friends as a well-deserved treat!

Don’t forget Father’s Day! Essex is the perfect spot to take him for some lunch or a golfing experience. Call a member of the team for more information today!